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Nationally and Internationally Respected Relationship Therapists

William Doherty
Focus: practical advice on determining how partners see their relationship, whether they wish to save it, and how to build a healthy relationship.
You can take a look at his books at –

Joe Kort
Focus: sex and relationships including same sex marriages.

Pat Love
Focus: “Practical Solutions for Happy Relationships & Healthy Living.”

Tammy Nelson
Focus: sexual relationships and dealing with infidelity.

Esther Perel
Focus: “Helping You Reclaim Desire in Love, Life and Work”

Terry Real
Relational Life Institute
Focus: individual, couple, and family relationships.

Information Related to Marriage:
American Psychological Association. “Can this marriage be saved?”

American Psychological Association. Gender research.

The Gottman Institute

For Your Marriage. An initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center
For more information call Public Strategies 405-848-2171 Ext. 249

National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.

Pew Research. Social & Demographic Trends. Marriage and Family.

Why single men may not be having the most fun

How the chance of breaking up changes the longer your relationship lasts

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The Good Life by Robert Waldinger. A TEDx talk. Harvard longitudinal study of their graduates. You can view it on YouTube