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My hope is to create interesting conversations around what seems to encourage couples to spend more time with each other, improve communication and understanding, and develop close friendships. Keep in mind that other community members may claim expertise in this area but not have it. Therefore use discretion.

Please follow the guidelines below so that we can have respectful, sociable conversations. All comments will be moderated and any comments falling outside of the discussion guidelines will not be published. Please be respectful and civil to bloggers you disagree with.

Don’t post anything containing –

  • Profanity or obscene language or behavior
  • Sexually graphic material
  • Harassing, threatening, abusive, hateful or violent language or behavior
  • Racial/ethnic/religious slurs
  • Suggestion of illegal activity – it may be reported to the authorities

coupleu.com will decide (in its sole discretion) what is inappropriate for this blog. If you have complaints or questions regarding any of the content posted on this blog, please contact us.

Also note that:

  • Copy-righted material can only be posted with the permission of the owners. You can send us a link to the material.
  • No commercial solicitation or advertising is allowed.

Please keep comments focused on couples relationships. Include your e-mail so that we can verify your comment and possibly contact you. We will not use it for anything else without your permission.

Thanks for your comments. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Christian W. Mosemann, LCSW

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