We get to the heart of relationships



Biographical information:

  • Licensed clinical social worker.
  • Board certified diplomate in clinical social work.
  • Psychotherapist in practice on the Virginia Peninsula since 1973. Currently in practice with TPMG Behavioral Health, Newport News, VA.
  • Married since 1967. Two married children. Four grandchildren.
  • Active member of his church since 1970.
  • Hobbies: photography, horticulture, reading, and television – comedy, documentaries, and novelists similar to Agatha Christie.

My primary professional interests are in healthy minds and healthy marriages.  The goal of this blogsite is to promote healthy relationships by helping people relax and deal realistically, lovingly, firmly, and compassionately with the truth about themselves, others, and the world we live in.

I welcome you to the blog. Posting may be sporadic but, hopefully, useful. Your comments are welcome.

Christian Mosemann




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