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Understand Yourself


Brief Strengths Test. Measures 24 character strengths. Dr. Martin Seligman. (Print the results of the test so you can refer to them later.) www.authentichappiness.com


David Brooks, “The Road to Character.”


You might find personality style questionnaires like the DiSC and the Jung Typology Test interesting and worthy of a discussion. For example a questionnaire might describe you as a forceful, dominant, person who moves ahead and ignores opposition. You can ask yourself and others whether the results of the questionnaire are accurate.

Here are is a questionnaire and a test that you might use –

DiSC Classic Profile.  www.internalchange.com

Jung Typology Test and Jung Marriage Test.  www.humanmetrics.com

Personality style interpretations .  http://www.keirsey.com

Personality style interpretations .  http://www.typelogic.com

David Keirsey. Please Understand Me II. Prometheus Nemesis: Del-Mar, 1998.  Personality style book with a test you can take and interpret.


Daniel H. Pink. Drive. How to understand what motivates you and others.


“This is how you get stuff done.”

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