We get to the heart of relationships

Here are some therapists I studied this year.

Here are some marriage and family therapists I studied this year. I found them insightful and interesting and thought you might –

William Doherty

Focus: practical advice on determining how partners see their relationship, whether they wish to save it, and how to build a healthy relationship.

You can take a look at his books at –



Joe Kort

Focus: sex and relationships including same-sex marriages.

Website: http://www.joekort.com

Pat Love

Focus: “Practical Solutions for Happy Relationships & Healthy Living.”

Website: http://www.patlove.com

Tammy Nelson

Focus: sexual relationships and dealing with infidelity.

Website: https://www.drtammynelson.com

Esther Perel

Focus: “Helping You Reclaim Desire in Love, Life and Work”

Website: http://www.estherperel.com

Terry Real

Relational Life Institute

Focus: individual, couple, and family relationships.

Website: http://www.terryreal.com

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