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What’s Most Important in a Relationship


“Unless you love someone nothing else makes sense.” Anonymous

So, if you want to have a great relationship, what’s most important? What comes to mind? A large number of my patients might say, “good communication”. But, what do you think is foundational to having a healthy relationship with your partner?

My vote goes to freely loving and enjoying people. Think about it. You and I probably wanted our parents delighted interest in us from the day we were born. We still want  people’s eyes to light up when we come into the room. Just think about how small children and puppies respond to attention. We want to know that someone simply wants our presence; that they like being with us.

We want to be loved deeply; deep affection that leads to a person unselfishly acting in our best interests. Can you actually say that you don’t want this? I wouldn’t believe you if you said you didn’t. And, you know without my saying it, that your partner wants to be loved and enjoyed too.

I think that being coupled comfortably calls for you and me and our partners to love and enjoy people. Therefore, we need to find a way to deal with the negativity and pressure on planet earth and still appreciate what’s positive. This means doing whatever it takes to clear the way for you and me to have the time, energy, and attitude we need to love and enjoy people.

So, this is my case for what’s most important in a relationship. I truly think that without the ability to love and enjoy people you and I will be emotionally starved. Love is a gift; give it freely and receive it freely.

Feel free to agree or disagree in the Comments section of this blog. In around a week, I’ll focus on what it takes to love and enjoy people.

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