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Apology, Explanation, or Something Else

I’m not sure whether to call this an explanation, an apology, or something else. Anyway, it’s obvious that I’m not posting articles on a weekly schedule. This is my first attempt to write a blog and I’m struggling to learn the technology and to find time to write. I like to write and I like technology. The problem is that both take time. I’m still working and I like my work to. I’m contributing time to my church and I like what I’m doing. So while I look forward to blogging it’s been a challenge to fit it in. I may need to let go of something else. At this point, I’m not sure what that will be. But, I’m hopeful that it’ll get worked out. In the meantime, I hope that you’ll find something interesting and useful on the blog. My goal remains to blog once a week. We’ll find out what happens. The next article is on forgiveness. I hope you it useful.

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